Our accredited provider network

THT has partnered with over 500 private and 1,550 NHIS-accredited clinics and hospitals to bring you the best and most affordable healthcare in Nigeria. Our Provider Network comprises primary care clinics, hospitals, specialists and ancillary services e.g. laboratories, x-ray centres, pharmacies.

To find out which hospitals are in our network, please select the plan you are interested in.

   Fee-for-service provider list

   Managed care capitation provider list

   NHIS Service provider list

Our provider lists are updated quarterly. For the latest provider lists please contact us toll free on 0800 – CALL THT (0800 2255 848)
or call + 234 (0) 1460 7560 / + 234 (0) 1448 2105 or email info@totalhealthtrust.com