Our story

In 1996 three committed and pioneering doctors joined forces to set up the first ever incorporated Health Management Organisation (HMO) in the country. Dr Ladi Awosika, Dr Ebun Sonaiya and Dr Femi Ogunbekun had jointly, with other medical practitioners, also founded the Guild of Medical Directors (GMD) seven years earlier, to recognise medicine as a business. Their vision for the HMO was to provide patients with access to affordable, quality healthcare while creating a sustainable environment in which healthcare providers could deliver services.

With financial backing from Leadway Assurance Company, Total Health Trust was born and started operations in 1997. With no industry, no competitor and no regulator in existence, THT’s creation marked the genesis of the managed healthcare sector in Nigeria.

The company set about building a pre-paid healthcare solution for Nigeria modelled on the US and Latin American countries. The founders were writing history as they grew THT into the formidable company it is today. In recognition of their pivotal role, they became strategic advisors to the federal government in its formation of the National Health Insurance Scheme which would ultimately create and regulate the entire industry.