Customer contact centre staffed with medical practitioners
to provide answers to your medical questions
First Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) registered in Nigeria
- over 17 years later still number one
Largest HMO in Nigeria with over 270,000 members
and over 270 private corporations

Corporate Vision & Mission

Total Health Trust's vision is to be a national leader in pre-paid health care provision. Our mission is to provide affordable, quality healthcare to our enrolled population in the right setting through an accessible network of health care providers.

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What we do

THT helps make healthcare work in Nigeria. We enable our customers to access affordable, reliable healthcare and we support healthcare providers in their efforts to deliver it. We manage healthcare so that our customers and our partners can thrive.

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Why choose us

With financial and technical backing of a world class company - Liberty Health (a member of the Liberty Group), THT offers the most innovative healthcare plans in Nigeria to take care of you, your staff and your family.

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